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Silver Jubilee Award

Call for Nominations: 10th MGMS Silver-Jubilee Prize (2017) [Deadline: 27th October 2017]

To support postdoctoral and young independent researchers, and to recognise our Silver Jubilee, MGMS has established a Silver Jubilee Prize. This is awarded to outstanding young researchers in the field.

9th MGMS Silver-Jubilee Award was won by:

Sereina RinikertankardCongratulations
Prof. Sereina Riniker
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

The MGMS is delighted to award the 9th Silver Jubilee Prize to Professor Sereina Riniker of ETH Zürich. Professor Riniker studied for her PhD at that same institution with Professor Wilfred van Gunsteren, and then spent some time working with Dr Greg Landrum at Novartis in Basel and the USA before returning to Zürich in 2014. This prize recognises her contributions to the development of the RDKit open source library for chemoinformatics and the GROMOS molecular dynamics program, and her ongoing research work on the applications of molecular dynamics in biomolecular systems

Past Recipients

The eighth MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Dr Peter Kolb, Philipps-University, Marburg, Germany
The seventh MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Robert Paton, University of Oxford
The sixth MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Lynn Kamerlin, Uppsala University
The fifth MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Marcel Swart, Institut de QuĂ­mica Computacional, Universitat de Girona
The fourth MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Andreas Bender, Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge
The third MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Cherif Matta, Mount Saint Vincent University & Dalhousie University, Canada
The second MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Graeme Day, University of Southampton.
The first MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize Awarded to Nick Besley, University of Nottingham.

MGMS / Elsevier Graphics Award

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2012 JMGM/MGMS Graphics Prize, co-sponsored by Elsevier and the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS), for the best piece of artwork in the annual volume. The primary criteria for the prize are the visual impact of the image and the scientific information that it conveys. The prize is judged by the two editors of the journal and a committee member of the MGMS.

2012 JMGM/MGMS Graphics Prize was awarded to:
Professor Andrew J. Hanson and Sidharth Thakur

School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University
Renaissance Computing Institute, North Carolina, USA

for Figure 23 of his article entitled, "Quaternion Maps of Global Protein Structure" [Hanson, A.J. & Thakur, S. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 38, 256-278 (2012)]

Past Winners

Volume 29 Dr Christian Kandt for Figure 1 in
Raunest M. & Kandt C. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 29, 895-905 (2011)
Volume 28 Professor Steven Plotkin for Video provided as Supplementary Information in:
Abrahamsson E. & Plotkin, S.S. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 28, 140-145 (2010).
Volume 27 Professor Bijaya Karki for Figure 16 in:
Bhattaraia, D. & Karki, B. B. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 27, 951-968 (2009).

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